What to do? Get Blown Away by the Annual South Padre Island Kite Festival

SPI KiteFest

Come and enjoy the annual SPI Kitefest on the first weekend in February. This usually features the Indoor Kite Performance on Thursday at the South Padre Island Convention Centre with advance tickets and limited seating. The Outdoor Kite Festival follows on Friday & Saturday at the SPI Convention Centre flats.

What will you see? At the outdoor festival: A cloud of kites. Truly an amazing variety, so skillfully flown they seem alive. Some as big as a house, others with dozens of colorful streamers as long as one. In the performance area, an announcer calls the competitors. The kites like troupes of acrobatic dancers, wheeling, diving, marching in the sky. Some are not performers, but so large and elaborate. Just hanging from the clouds a feat of magic in itself. Giant whales, squid, golden gods peer down from above.

The audience, in a party mood, bring chairs, coolers, kids, dogs, and cameras.

Here is a video from a kite festival in Wildwoods, NJ. It’s not Padre, but you’ll get the idea: