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Josephine's dining out at Kinpadre on South Padre Island

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Dining Out on South Padre Island

On our way to breakfast one morning, Sue pointed out Josephine’s Kitchen with a packed parking lot.

I normally have tunnel vision so wouldn’t even have noticed the cars, but being redirected, and being mostly retired, and and always looking for new restaurant options for you, and for me, we decided to check it out for ourselves.

Josephine’s is located at the corner of Atol and Padre Blvd., about 2 short blocks from Kinpadre, our South Padre Island beachfront vacation rental.

The building itself was formerly Liam’s, a well known steak house owned by the Salazar organization. Liam’s has been relocated to an island a bayside location on the island.

Alfonso Salazar, better known as “Dirty Al,” originally started shrimping as a young man, and then later with his family, transformed his bait stand into a restaurant, the original and very successful Dirty Al’s. This was followed with Daddy’s, Liams, Senior Donkey, 2 more Dirty Al’s, and now Josephine’s.


We corralled some of the happy customers just leaving as we were entering. They all raved about something, the service, fresh biscuits and gravy, the coffee. Once inside, Sue was a little disappointed in Josephine’s presentation. Gone are the soft lights and muted colors that were Liam’s. Now garish fluorescent tubes run the length of the bar, though the interior is clean and roomy with a bright, modern feel.


Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant

Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant

The sound level is busy breakfast restaurant genre, which it was. Lots of bricks, hard floors, and exposed ceiling make for a noisy environment.


Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant Josephine’s Kitchen Menu Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant Josephine’s Kitchen Menu

The breakfast/lunch menu includes a kids menu (from $3.99), drinks (including a Bloody Mary and a Margarita), lunch specials, and entrees ranging from $3.99 to $13.99.

Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant Josephine’s Kitchen French Toast

Fina’s French toast was warm, light, rich tasting, and topped with whipped cream, fresh blueberries, and strawberries.

Kinpadre attraction South Padre Island Restaurant Josephine’s Kitchen Healthy Riser

The Healthy Riser egg was cooked perfectly. The included sausage patty was hand formed and appeared home made, with a good balance of salt and spices, fresh tasting without a greasy feel. And sautéed spinach? It was good, not the over-cooked, previously-frozen goo usually associated it, but fresh, tasting of greens, pleasant texture, and good. You’ll find spinach frequently in with the menu.


At this writing, Tripadvisor shows a 5 star rating with 24 reviews. Comments include: fresh food, wonderful, engaging service, delicious Croissant Benedict, bes anywhere shrimp and grits, LOVED the cream gravy and biscuits, the best not fake crab salad anywhere, best pancakes and waffles EVER… So you get the idea. There were 3 pages of these. Management was very attentive even with these reviews, commenting on many of them, feeling encouraged and expressing appreciation for the many glowing comments received, or thanking the reviewer for patience on occasions when the kitchen may have been short-staffed.


So, based on our experience and those of others, you may want to put Josephine’s Kitchen on your restaurant bucket list when staying at our beachfront condo, Kinpadre, on South Padre Island.